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22nd Annual Highlands Conference

Orange County Chapter, New York State Archaeological Association and the North Jersey Highlands Historical Society Joint Conference

Saturday, October 25, 2008, Lautenburg Visitor's Center, Sterling Forest State Park, 115 Old Forge Road, Tuxedo, NY

Morning Program, 9:30 am to 12 noon

Guided hike to Crawford (Belcher) and Brennan mine sites, miner's cabin ruins, Indian rockshelters and up a mountain to BLACK ROCK, a sacred site of the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation, in Sterling Forest State Park. Hiking shoes required. Meet at visitor's parking lot at HENRI Building (opposite Lautenburg Visitor's Center). We will car pool to Blue Lake. Hike will be led by Thomas Fitzpatrick.

Afternoon Program, Susan Deeks Presiding

1:00 “Historic Archaeobotany of Delaware: 25 Years of Site Flotation.” William Sandy, R.P.A.

1:25 “Investigating the Authenticity of the NY Botanical Garden Petroglyph.” Dr. Allan S. Gilbert, Fordham University

1:50 “From Farmstead to Mansion: 18th and 19th Century Life at “The Locusts” and Jay Mansion in Rye, NY.” Eugene J. Boesch, Ph.D., R.P.A.

2:15- “Indian Raids in Orange Co.: Opportunistic or Planned Assaults? The Use of Free/Open Source Special Software in Historic and Archaeological Contexts.” Jonathan Witcoski, Tyco Telecommunications

2:40-2:55 COFFEE BREAK

2:55 “The Real Story of the Sterling Furnace, 1736-1923." Doc Baynes, Sterling Forest State Park

3:20 “Henry Doremus House – New Netherlands Heritage.” Kathy Fisher, Montville Township Historic Preservation Commission

3:45 “Emigrant Trains, Steerage Class on Wheels: From New York to Manifest Destiny.” Nancy L. Gibbs, NJHHS

4:10 Exhibition of Paintings by Kevin Storms, President, Inc. OCC, NYSAA and Announcement of 50th Anniversary pf Orange County Chapter.

Program Chair: Edward J. Lenik

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