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Highlands Conference

Archaeological Society of New Jersey and The North Jersey Highlands Historical Society Joint Archaeological Conference

Saturday, October 18, 2003, Shepherd Lake Lodge, Skylands Section, Ringwood State Park, New Jersey

Morning Program, 9:30 am to 12 noon

FIELD TRIP TO THE PETERS AND HOPES MINES: Peter’s Mine opened about 1740 and was the most productive of the Ringwood Mines. Operating intermittently for over 200 years, it was closed in 1931, then reopened during World War II. The nearby Hope Mine was opened in the 1760s and worked for about a hundred years. Both mines sent ore to Long Pond Iron Works. We will carpool from Shepherd Lake Lodge to Peter‘s Mine, explore the site and take a short hike to the Hope Mine. The tour will be led by archaeologist Edward J. Lenik.

Afternoon Program, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

12:30 President's Welcome: ASNJ and NJHHS

1:00 "The Largest Camp in the World: History of Children’s Camps at the Palisades Interstate Park." Sue Scher, Ramapo College.

1:30 "The Passion of Anthony Winans, Seaport Merchant" Diane Dallal, South Street Seaport Museum.

2:00 "Aleutian Archaeology: Recent Excavations at a 4000 Year Old Aleut Village, Dutch harbor, Alaska." Charles A. Bello, ASNJ.


3:00 "Translating the Walum Olum: How a Classic American Hoax Was Continually Reinvented." David M. Oestreicher, ASNJ.

3:30 "Archaeological Evidence for Prehistoric Use of Bayberry from the Eastern United States." William Sandy, ASNJ.

4:00 "Mystery of the Missing Mastodons: Clues from Orange County" Guy Robinson, Fordham University

Program Chair: Edward J. Lenik

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